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Category: Linux 32b
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  • Harmonics Module: New module Harmonics, for tides and currents
  • Routings Module: Better inversed isochrones calculation. Inversed isochrones can now be calculated even if isochrones duration < 24h and >24h are different.
  • NMEA Module: Depth offset is now taken into consideration in DPT message.
  • Instruments Module: add PPC information (% polar) in main board polar tab. Histograms are no longer reset when configuration changed or when a screen rotation occurs.
  • Charts Module: Add an option for soundings size in vector charts..
  • Batch Module: Add a 'take a screenshot' command.
  • Gribs Module: Add dates range selection in meteograms.
  • Patch 1: Add arrows in meteograms to symbolize TWD and CD. Add metadata information in SHOM geotif charts. Fix a regression in Raster rendering speed on some Windows platforms. Some minor fixes.
Date 2020-08-03
System  Windows
File Size 65.99 MB
Download 1,592
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  • Gribs Module: Add an option to force TWS/TWD (eventually from instruments) for a period, tending smoothly toward grib data. Add possibility to compare gribs (TWS/TWD) in meteogram. Grib information dialog now show difference with real wind for all grib slots separately, with relevancy information.
  • Routings Module: Add multi-gribs option in multi routings. Allow alternate route calculation even if routing didn't succeed to reach destination. Some improvements in algorithm.
  • NMEA Module: Improvements in case some Wind or Position values are empty.
  • Instruments Module: Add B&&G messages output. Improvements in sending RMB message. Sending of WCV and ZTG messages.
  • Charts Module: Add an option to automatically remove SHOM geotif chart borders. Fix an issue with lot of small vectors charts and lights to boats is activated. Fix an issue with huge kaps crossing date line (Pilot Charts kaps for instance). Improvement in VMH charts rendering speed.
  • Race start Module: Add a configurable offset when toping buoy or committee.
  • Tracks Module: Add export to CSV format.
  • General Module: Add an option to specify the decimal separator to be used when exporting to CSV files.
Date 2020-06-19
System  Linux
File Size 65.91 MB
Download 106