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Category: Linux 32b
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  • Charts Modules: CM93 mode. Add a function for showing lights visible from boat (vector charts only). Extended lights function now shows nominal ranges. Fix an issue with Raster having a datum different than WGS84. Improvement in rendering speed for Raster and Vector charts.
  • Module Routes: Improvement in GPS import.
  • Module AIS: CPU consumption optimization.
  • Module Grib: It is now possible to download Great Circle gribs without any internet connection via Iridium GO!.
  • Module Alarmes: It is now possible to use a forbbidden angle >= 180° in Anchor Alarm. Fix Depth Alarm not ringing.
Date 2019-07-03
System  Linux
File Size 65.2 MB
Download 36
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<li><b>Routing Module</b>: Improvements in precision especially (but not only) when penalties for tacks/gybes are activated. Possibility to choose if a pathway point should be passed at closest or not.</li>
<li><b>Charts Module</b>: Inprovement in rendering speed for Rasters and Vectors charts. Fix an issue when a raster chart is not WGS84 based. Possibility to show or hide lights in vector charts via display menu or ctrl-alt-L.</li>
<li><b>POIs Module</b>: You can now attach an image to a POI.</li>
<li><b>Shapefile Module</b>: Improve rendering speed at high zoom levels.</li>
<li><b>Batch Mode</b>: You can now ask qtVlm to perform various tasks, either from the command line or from a xml file.</li>
<li>Various other small optimizations, improvements and fixes</li>

Date 2019-06-02
System  Linux
File Size 65.01 MB
Download 165
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  • Boat parameters: Add possibility to configure sails selection according to TWS and TWA.
  • Instrument Module: Add an instrument to show current best sails selection. Improve GPX and KML import.
  • Routes Module: Add sails best selection choice in various places (tooltip, roadbook).
  • Shapefiles Module: Add SHOM opendata buoys. Update wrecks database.
  • AIS Module: Fix an issue with VDO message.
  • Route Module: Fix an issue in VMG navigation mode.
  • qtVlm-5.8-9 p1: Fix an issue launching qtVlm on some linux 64 configuration
Date 2019-05-06
System  Linux
File Size 64.86 MB
Download 274