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New version / Nouvelle version (19 Feb 2021)

Version 5.10.1 is out. Check the change log !!

Version 5.9-12

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5 months 1 week ago #460 by oxygen77
Version 5.9-12 was created by oxygen77
  • Shapefiles Module: Better management of generic shapefiles, for instance those provided by NOAA.
  • Weather Module: Add support for weather data provided by (Ships Weather Reports). Add automatic download of Weather Stations reports.
  • Alarms Module: New alarm if Internet connection becomes available.
  • Charts Module: Add scale and projection data to SHOM geotif chart information.
  • Marks Module: Mass import of POIs via paste is available again.
  • Tracks Module: Add a Duplicate button. Allow editing of starting and ending date to extract a part of the track.
  • AIS module: Add TCP/TCPA to targets dynamic data.
  • NMEA module: Add possibility to add custom serial ports.
  • Companion: Trial period is now 2h. Add Air and Water temperature.
  • iOS: Add possibility to use a custom skin.
Bug fixes:
  • Fix a crash when an activated route reaches the last POI.
  • Improvement in the management of the period during which a POI cannot be moved (red circle).
  • Fix route's tooltip disapearing too soon if NMEA is activated.
  • The parameter TWS correction in grib configuration is now taken into account without needing to check/uncheck again the whole option.
  • If Internet is not available at qtVlm launch it is no longer necessary to restart qtVlm if the connection is restored.
  • Fix wind arrows in meteograms.

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