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Version 5.10.17

  • oxygen77
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6 months 3 weeks ago #1429 by oxygen77
Version 5.10.17 was created by oxygen77
  • General Module: Add an icon in toolbar to hide the toolbar. Fix a rare issue with switches rendering.
  • Routing Module: Add information about the possible reasons when a routing fails to reach destination. Improve fallback on small distances if auto settings is ON.
  • Instruments Module: Fix PPC sent to B&G and Raymarine. Fix and improve reckoning in distance mode.
  • Mbtiles Module: Add 512x512 tiles size support.
  • Gribs Module: Remove deprecated OSCAR model from saildocs.
  • ENC Charts Module: Add possibility to highlight an item from the pickup report dialog. Some changes in display categories. Improve isolated dangers and safety contour management. Improve rendering of some features. Reject updates not belonging to the same edition number. Add a filter on images for DUSK or NIGHT display mode. Improvements in Dredge Areas rendering and management. Objects PONTON, HULKES, FLODOC, SLCONS and UNSARE are now considered as obstacles for reckoning, routings, etc. Add an option to display objects Compilation Scale. Add an option to show depth contours and land elevation lines values. F9 to F12 keys now also save and restore single chart being displayed, if any. Improvements in iENCs (inland charts), and add specific Russia and Brazil symbology.
  • Weather Images and Shapefiles Modules: Add support for KML files containing shapes (polygons, lines, etc.).
  • Routes and Pathways Modules: Add possibility to move the chart while appending POIs.
  • AIS Module: Inland: Add blue cones symbology and Loaded/Unloaded status. Add CLASSB+ (B-SO) recognition.
  • Simulator Module: It is not necessary anymore to have a grib loaded to start and use the simulator.

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