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Version 5.11-0 -- Dec 17, 2022

  • oxygen77
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2 months 5 days ago #1688 by oxygen77
Version 5.11-0 -- Dec 17, 2022 was created by oxygen77
  • General: Add German translation (including documentation).
  • ENC Charts Module: Add ICEARE and LOGPON in Obstacles. Areas with a Restriction attribute equals to 7 or 14 are not classified as Dangerous. Add the possibility to search for an attribute without value. Improvements in texts de-cluttering. Fix S63 single chart display on iOS.
  • Gribs Module: Now supporting Ensemble gribs. Add pickup grib data report from contextual menu. Support gribs in TWS/TWD instead of U/V. Support gribs non N/S oriented. Improvements in NODATA area management.
  • Routes and Routings Modules: Can now use Ensemble gribs data.
  • 3D Module: add GEBCO bathymetry GeoTif support in 3D.
  • Instruments Module: Add a close-hauled magnifier in TWA instrument (click on gauge title to access it). Add possibility to configure and show two different custom intruments panels.
  • Companion: Add possibility to skip current WP from Companion, possibility to keep boat at same screen position and to activate last activated route or pathway. Add final activated route in WP screen.

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