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New version / Nouvelle version (19 Feb 2021)

Version 5.10.1 is out. Check the change log !!

Version 5.9-7

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1 year 3 days ago #196 by oxygen77
Version 5.9-7 was created by oxygen77
  • Polars Module: Add a Polar Editor for Wind polars.
    Fix a small bug in Waves polar interpolation. Add possibility to display all TWS in polar viewer. Fix waves polar viewer showing data in km/h instead of kts.
  • Instruments Module: Add possibility to use internal sensors for air temperature, pressure, pitch and roll. Possibility to convert this signals into messages on NMEA output.
    Possibility to convert internal GPS data into messages on NMEA output (Position, COG and SOG).
  • Routes Module: GPX export is now compatible with B&G instruments. Sending active WP on NMEA output now generates also a BWR message.
  • Routes and Routing Modules: Improvement in night polar penalty calculations.
  • Companion: Windows 10 now supports Bluetooth communication with Companion (was already the case on MacOS, Linux, Raspberry and Android).

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