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Version 5.8-11

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il y a 4 mois 2 semaines - il y a 4 mois 2 semaines #24 par oxygen77
Version 5.8-11 a été créé par oxygen77
  • Routing Module: Improvements in precision especially (but not only) when penalties for tacks/gybes are activated. Possibility to choose if a pathway point should be passed at closest or not.
  • Charts Module: Inprovement in rendering speed for Rasters and Vectors charts. Fix an issue when a raster chart is not WGS84 based. Possibility to show or hide lights in vector charts via display menu or ctrl-alt-L.
  • POIs Module: You can now attach an image to a POI.
  • Shapefile Module: Improve rendering speed at high zoom levels.
  • Batch Mode: You can now ask qtVlm to perform various tasks, either from the command line or from a xml file.
  • Various other small optimizations, improvements and fixes
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