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  • Pathway Module: add GPX export. Add data in Information tab and possibility to export Pathway Plan.
  • Instruments Module: New functions for qtVlm's Companion. Add a configurable pressure offset. Add a decimal in pressure instrument
  • Chart Module: New management of Safety Contour. Better management of ENCs linked images. Improvement in Chart Information dialog (RNC et ENC). Some fixes in Online Charts. Show S63 permit end date in chart information.
  • Gribs Module: Add support for CFS gribs (climatology 180 days 1000hPa wind) and allow to route with them.
  • Tracks Module: Add COG and CTW data in track points. Add GPX import in Archived Tracks dialog.
  • Alarms Module: Add alarm events history. Fix Cone and Pressure alarms. Support of NMEA RME message (position accuracy in meters), Android and iOS are able to generate this message.
  • Routes Module: Add Depth information (from ENCs charts) in route log and histograms.
  • Dangers detection: Safety contour is not considered as an obstacle anymore but will still trigger an alarm. Shallow contours are obstacles.
  • Simulation mode: Isolated obstacles detection. Depth from vector charts.
  • NMEA Module: Add a satellite's constellation status. Improve GPS status information.
  • Batch Mode: Fix an issue when chaining several routings.
  • iOS: Add Pressure sensor support. Add an option to be able to continue to receive position and sensors updates while in background (and to send them).
  • Android: Data migration into app dedicated folders (for compatibility with Android 11).

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