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Version 5.8-1: (Full documentation in English)

  • Instruments Module: Possibility to send data to Smart Watches or devices accepting KND message format.
  • Weather Routings et Routes modules: New option for tuning polar efficiency during night periods.
  • Weather Routings et Routes modules: Submarine Courants data until -3m are now taken into account.
  • Routes module: In custom field formula add the possibility to generate a value based on a polar.
  • Module Cartes: Improvement in speed when selecting Rasters and S57s.
  • Instruments Module: Some changes in GPS Fix management.
  • NMEA Module: Add an Auto parameter in serial ports configuration.

Version 5.8-0:

  • Charts Module: Add support for charts from VISIT MY HARBOUR.
  • Charts Module: You can now lock mbtiles level by reclicking on the mbtiles toolbar's button.
  • AIS Module: Add Fleet management. Own boat's MMSI can be indicated to avoid receiving messages from own boat.
  • Charts Module: Add an option to control mbtiles overzoom function.
  • Routes Module: New accumulation option for scriptable custom fields (last value).
  • Pathways Module: Add tooltips infos on patways legs.
  • NMEA Module: Improvements in TCP communication, in particular in the case of iMux installation.
  • Laylines: If NMEA is not started, grib laylines are using grib display date instead of current date/time.

Version 5.7-4:

  • Route Module: Add 3 route custom fields, based on user-defined Javascript code.
  • AIS Module: Stopping sound alarm for one target can now be temporary.
  • NMEA Module: Fix Miniplex 3 NMEA sentences.
  • GRIB Module: If 2 gribs have the same resolution, the data in the smaller grib slot number is used.
  • iOS: Fix an issue when importing mbtiles.

Version 5.7-3:

  • Grib Module: add support for images in KML or KMZ format.
  • Mbtiles Module: Add possibility to overzoom by 2 levels.
  • Chart Modules: Add multiple folders support for all formats.
  • iOS: Change folder structures, grib folder, charts folders, etc are now accessible directly via iTunes.
  • iOS: Activation of geoData positions import.

Version 5.7-2:

  • Weather Routings and Routes modules: Add Crossed Sea parameters. Add possibility to use a Waves Polar which describes boat performances relative to waves height and direction.
  • Pathways Module: Add the possibility to activate a pathway directly, without creating a route.
  • Grib Module: Add an option to retrieve SKIRON gribs via saildocs or Iridium GO!. Add data sea temperature.
  • Instruments Module: Add information related to next mark (heading, TWA, etc.) in main dashboard.
  • Alarms Module: Add an alarm based on distance to active WP.
  • Add the possibility to hide the microboard.
  • Add an option to display a boat icon on the map instead of just a point.
  • Add a Night display mode for instruments and maps.
  • Add a button Man Over Board in toolbar.
  • Add TWA data on function draw a heading.
  • Add a button for showing/hiding grib in toolbar.
  • Add possibility to choose and download a polar from our server.
  • Fix various bugs, and various improvements, concerning multirouting, NMEA data VTG, etc.

Version 5.7-1:

  • Instruments Module: add histograms for most NMEA data.
  • Instruments Module: New instrument: Atmospheric Pressure, which can be fed through NMEA messages, or through internal sensor if present.
  • Alarms Module: New alarms: Atmospheric Pressure and AWA.
  • Start Line Module: Add possibility to top committee and buoy, and show line best side.
  • Simulation Mode: VHF improvements.
  • Grib: Fix a regression on V2 gribs for pacific.
  • Fix a bug concerning Geodata boats position import.

Version 5.7-0:

  • New platform: Raspberry PI2 and PI3
  • New icon
  • Instruments Module: New option to smooth data for boat and wind speed and direction.
  • Alarms Module: New alarm on polar efficiency percentage.

Version 5.6-1:

  • New Start Line mode, allowing to measure distances and times to start line, to display a safety zone, and to manage a chronometer.
  • Boat Module: Add possibility to force polar best wind angles.
  • Boat Module: Add possibility to tune polar efficiency differently for upwind and downwind.
  • Grib Module: Add possibility to color arrows according to grib slot, and to superimpose arrows from different gribs. This is useful for comparing grib models.
  • Simulation Mode: Add an option for randomizing wind data.
  • Add a button for financially contribute to qtVlm.
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Version 5.6-0:

  • Grib Module: Add Great Circle (squid) gribs direct download and email requests. Improvements in saildocs configuration and email generation.
  • Instrument Module: Compas central part can now rotate based on real wind data.
  • NMEA Module: Better management of UDP connections. Add multicasting support.
  • Various small bug fixes, as usual

Version 5.5-8:

  • Grib Module: Add a third slot for gribs, plus a mechanism for activating slots, in order for instance to compare gribs easily.
  • Routes and Pathways Modules: It is now possible to append POIs to routes or pathways directly with mouse or touch.
  • Add an option to keep boat centered on screen.
  • Add a delay parameter for alarms.
  • Various small bug fixes

Version 5.5-7:

  • Iridium GO!: Possibility to request gribs via "Iridium Mail and Web" or "XGate" applications
  • Simulation mode: Minimum distance from coasts for mooring has been increased to 500m
  • Weather routing Module: Allows multirouting starting from boat
  • Various bug fixes

Version 5.5-6:

  • Grib Module: OCENS gribs support
  • Route Module: better import of klm files
  • Anchor Module: bugs fixes
  • Simulation Module: fix a bug if no grib is loaded when starting
  • mbtiles Module: fix a bug when configuration settings are changed

Version 5.5-5:

  • S57 Module: Add a new details level. Optimisation.
  • Instruments Module: Add possibility to send performance data on Raymarine instruments
  • NMEA Module: Add possibility to have several output channels simultaneously
  • Grib Module: Add grib size estimation for saildocs gribs. Add new data for saildocs GFS (rain, cape). add HRRR gribs for saildocs.
  • Mbtiles Module: Optimisation.
  • Opponent boats position import (dcc format)
  • Better zoom/pan system, especially with S57 charts

Version 5.5-4:

  • Some minor bugs fixes and many optimizations

Version 5.5-3:

  • Add conditional alarms on COG, SOG, TWA, Depth and Currents.
  • Routes Module: Add wind information compensated by the difference between wind from grib and actual wind on water.
  • Routes Module: Add wind arrow icons on each POI (optionnally).
  • Routes Module: Add options for modifying wind TWS or polar efficiency.
  • Weather Routings Module: Add multi-routing options for varying wind TWS or polar efficiency.
  • NMEA Module: Add a second UDP port for output
  • NMEA Module: Add possibility to send NMEA data generated by internal GPS. Useful for instance to share a smartphone GPS on PC.
  • Some fixes and optimizations in S57 management, plus some other fixes as usual

Version 5.5-2:

  • Optimizations concerning S57 maps
  • Some changes concerning NMEA UDP connections
  • Some bug fixes and various small improvements.

Version 5.5-1:

  • Various bug fixes and optimizations concerning mainly S57 module

Version 5.5-0:

  • new Vector Charts module, accepting maps in S57 format

Version 5.4-12:

  • Raster Module Improvement in GEOTIF rendering, and in quilting map selection.
  • Android et iOS Anchor Watch is now included in the free version. Single Raster map is now available only in complete version.
  • Some bug fixes and various small improvements.

Version 5.4-10:

  • Patch2: Fix an issue with parameters saving in VLM mode.
  • Patch1: Fix an issue with coasts detection on Mac ou iOS devices with retina screens.
  • Weather Routings module: Fix an issue with multi-routing on pathways. Various small improvements.
  • Module NMEA: Add an option to be able to retransmit all data. Add various parameters for serial connection.
  • Modules Mbtiles and Tiles: Improvement in rendering performance.
  • Some other corrections and improvements.

Version 5.4-9:

  • Weather Routings module: Improvements in currents management and in calculation performances.
  • Routes module: Improvements in functions linked to pathways, for instance a POI can now belong to several pathways. Possibility to activate a route, which will automatically change active WP once the current WP is reached.
  • Instruments module: Better readability for CS/CD instrument. Add values for heading and speed target in TSP instrument. Improvements in currents calculation for TSP instrument. Improvements in performance data sending to NKE instruments.
  • Raster module: Improvements in rendering performance for kaps and geotif (SHOM), especially for Android and iOS.
  • Mbtiles module: Improvements in rendering performance.
  • Tiles module: Possibility to display tiles from openSeaMap over kaps and rasters.
  • Simulation Mode: Fix an issue with coasts detection at simulation restart. Many general improvements there too.
  • NMEA Module: Add an option for incoming RMB messages, allowing to receive active WP from other navigation systems.
  • GRIB module: In case NMEA is active or Simulation Mode is activated, grib's date is automatically updated every one minute.
  • New general menu, to better identify Routes, Pathways, Barriers and Marks functions.
  • Some other corrections and improvements.

Version 5.4-8:

  • Weather Routing Module: Multipoints routing on a pathway (route defined as a Pathway). POIs suffixes when converting to route is not anymore limited to one character.
  • AIS Module: Many improvements in perfomance, add messages 19 et some other new stuff.
  • Simulation Mode: Add a fixed TWA mode. Add a virtual VHF to communicate with other participants. Many improvements in coast detection.
  • NMEA Module: Some changes in serial ports management.
  • Anchor Watch module: Many improvements.
  • Instruments module: Improvements in TSP instrument which now takes currents into consideration.
  • Route module: Add some data in tooltip window.
  • Active WP infos can now be send on NMEA output.
  • Performance data can now be send to NKE instruments.
  • Tracks can now be exported in gpx or kml format.
  • Status font size can now be specified.
  • MacOS and iOS: fix a problem with AIS targets display on retina screens
  • Some other corrections and improvements, as usual

Version 5.4-7:

  • Weather Routing Module: Add an option to avoid area with gusts over a limit. Improvements in algorithm.
  • AIS Module: Performance improvement, some other small improvements.
  • Android and iOS: Improvement in POI move management.
  • Simulation Mode: New Simulation Server, allowing more connections.
  • Gribs: Add gusts option in sailDocs download configuration. Add PRMSL data to grib2 management.
  • Instruments Module: New Instrument: PPC (Polar Percentage). Possibility to send this data to NKE instruments.
  • VLM mode: Add some contextual entries for managing opponents settings.
  • Add feature to save grib animation frames, for instance to create gif animations.
  • Show both Ortho and Loxo lines in "Draw a heading" function.
  • Add a contextual menu entry in barrier points to allow manual input of coordinates.
  • Various others small changes and improvements, as usual.

Version 5.4-5/6:

  • Simulation Mode: Better management when restarting simulation. Many other improvements.
  • Weather fax: Fix a problem when several faxes are loaded directly from Internet.
  • VLM Mode: Fix a problem with NSZ when a minimal distance to it has been specified.
  • Android: Change in default folders management for Android 6.
  • Some others changes and improvements, as usual.

Version 5.4-4:

  • Module AIS: Add targets list, possibility to mark a target as fleet member, and to display only targets belonging to fleet. Add an option to be able to display tracking data on targets (heading, speed, etc.).
  • Weather Fax: Possibility to indicate directly an URL instead of an image file name.
  • Routes and Weatnher Routing modules: Tacks and Gybes delays can now be specified individually.
  • Routes module: Route segments using engine are now shown as a dashed line.
  • Barriers: Internal areas for closed barriers are now hatched. Fix a problem in display and cross detection.
  • Simulation mode: Some changes to allow to practice without internet connection.
  • VLM mode: Minimal distance to coasts also applies to NSZs.
  • Grib: New option available, to apply a correction on TWS from grib (%).
  • Display style \fusion\ is now forced.
  • Add a Longitude/Latitude grid (optional in display options, shortcut \G\).
  • Linux: Fix a problem with sound occuring in recent distribs.
  • Add lon/lat info in POI tooltip (useful for Android/iOS when moving a POI).
  • Various other improvements and fixes.

Version 5.4-3:

  • patch1: Linux: Temporarily remove all sounds. We are investigating this issue linked to some recent linux versions
  • VLM Mode: Add Autopilot reckoning (HDG and TWA only), plus the possibility to send 'Grib Reckoning' to VLM autopilot
  • Android and iOS: Fix an issue related to boards
  • Fix an issue on some hardware causing grib merging to fail
  • Add route import in gpx format for files containing track data
  • Various other improvements and fixes

Version 5.4-2:

  • New reckoning modes, based on grib TWA or HDG
  • New option to materialize or not internal GPS accuracy on map
  • Fix various small issues with boards
  • Android: Fix a compatibility problem with Android 4.1.2

Version 5.4-1:

  • New configuration screen for saildocs, allowing requests for many grib models (wind, waves, currents, etc.)
  • Add openTopoMap online maps
  • Fix an issue with satellite fix in some rare cases
  • Fix a problem with wind direction in instruments in Simulation Mode
  • Several various optimizations and improvements
  • macOS: Fix an installation problem on Sierra
  • Android and iOS: in VLM mode, for the permanent race 'Perth - San Diego - Brisbane (playground)', the complete version including all features is activated for free

Version 5.4-0:

  • New Raster module, faster and able to read kaps, geotiff, geojpeg, etc
  • Add CAPE data in route's log and in routes comparator
  • New Statistics tab for route, with a lot of new data
  • Add a parameter to specify a maximum CAPE value in Weather Routing Module
  • Add a possibility to compare actual boat's speed with polar speed in board
  • Add a configurable minimum threshold for rain in routes comparator
  • Columns can now be shown or hidden in routes comparator and route's log
  • Start and arrivals points in routing are now persistent
  • Add an option to extend last grib date for Currents gribs
  • Add the possibility of sending a POI to GPS or other navigation system
  • Various fixes and optimizations

Version 5.3-12:

  • Add a parameter in Weather Routing Module for specifying a minimal distance to coastlines
  • Add a function for managing and previewing mbtiles
  • Speed improvement in mbtiles Module
  • Improvement in barriers management
  • Better management of communication errors in NMEA module
  • Add a parameter for forcing detail level for coastlines (mostly useful in SOL mode)
  • Fix a problem preventing a POI to become the active WP in real mode
  • Fix a problem concerning reception of a WP via NMEA
  • Fix a problem concerning raw NMEA data window
  • iOS: Add import via iTunes for dataColor file, allowing to change colors for grib data
  • iOS: Fix a problem related to long menus
  • iOS: Fix a problem related to some error message dialogs

Version 5.3-11:

  • New coasts detection algorithm
  • Optimization and improvements in Weather Routing module
  • Improvements in routing/route conversion
  • Improvements in Kaps module
  • Add an option for not opening automatically exported files
  • Android: Fix an issue with Lenovo YOGA 2 tablets
  • iOS: Fix an issue with WP button in VLM board

Version 5.3-10:

  • Fix a problem with kap display on retina devices (iOS et MacOs)

Version 5.3-9:

  • New version for kap module, now supporting more projection types
  • Improvements in mbtiles module, now accepting more file formats
  • Improvements in grib rendering speed
  • Improvement in import/export module, concerning polars import
  • Fix map polar orientation when data is received via NMEA
  • iOS: Improve application update procedure
  • iOS: Fix a problem in in-app purchase procedure
  • Various small other improvements and optimizations

Version 5.3-8:

  • New magnifier, allowing for zooming on kaps, tiles, or mbtiles.
  • Support for norwegian gribs available at
  • Better support of parameters 'force winds' and 'force currents'.
  • Improvement of weather routings module, especially in LSK or SOL mode.
  • Improvement in import/export module.
  • MapQuest has stopped free access to its servers, and is therefore removed from online maps options.
    Wikimedia maps have been added instead. Other solutions are being studied.
  • Fix a problem with some polar formats
  • Fix a problem with non standard grib interpolation formulas
  • Various small other fixes and optimizations

Version 5.3-7:

  • Patch1: Improve authorizations management for Android 6.0
  • Patch1: Add support for gribs available at
  • Patch1: Fix a problem with scale display on small devices
  • Adjust grib interpolation for a better match with VLM server
  • Fix a problem with changing polar when polar is shown on map

Version 5.3-6:

  • Improvements in Weather Routings module performances
  • New management of Tacks and Gybes parameters
  • Improve polar management and display
  • Export with automatic loading in external applications
  • Fix a problem with some V2 gribs, for instance Arome HD from Météo France
  • Add gusts U/V data

Version 5.3-5:

  • New management of several gribs opened simultaneously
  • Add laylines on POIs, from NMEA ou grib data, including currents (tides)
  • Add MapQuest and MapQuest Aerial maps
  • Change management of mbtiles and kaps
  • Various improvements in NMEA, Instruments, and AIS
  • Change AIS simulation mode in cooperation with
  • New interpolation mode SOL (sailonline)