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Version 5.10-9: (Full documentation in English)

  • Pathway Module: add GPX export. Add data in Information tab and possibility to export Pathway Plan.
  • Instruments Module: New functions for qtVlm's Companion. Add a configurable pressure offset. Add a decimal in pressure instrument
  • Chart Module: New management of Safety Contour. Better management of ENCs linked images. Improvement in Chart Information dialog (RNC et ENC). Some fixes in Online Charts. Show S63 permit end date in chart information.
  • Gribs Module: Add support for CFS gribs (climatology 180 days 1000hPa wind) and allow to route with them.
  • Tracks Module: Add COG and CTW data in track points. Add GPX import in Archived Tracks dialog.
  • Alarms Module: Add alarm events history. Fix Cone and Pressure alarms. Support of NMEA RME message (position accuracy in meters), Android and iOS are able to generate this message.
  • Routes Module: Add Depth information (from ENCs charts) in route log and histograms.
  • Dangers detection: Safety contour is not considered as an obstacle anymore but will still trigger an alarm. Shallow contours are obstacles.
  • Simulation mode: Isolated obstacles detection. Depth from vector charts.
  • NMEA Module: Add a satellite's constellation status. Improve GPS status information.
  • Batch Mode: Fix an issue when chaining several routings.
  • iOS: Add Pressure sensor support. Add an option to be able to continue to receive position and sensors updates while in background (and to send them).
  • Android: Data migration into app dedicated folders (for compatibility with Android 11).
  • Patch p1:
    • Fix an issue with boat's dimensions when units are feet
    • Fix an issue with gpx route import
    • Fix an issue in general settings in VLM mode

Version 5.10-7:

  • Charts Module: Add a button in chart information for zooming at chart's native scale. Add NVCharts marks import. Add Soundings in ENCs pick-up report. Fix SHOM color scheme for ENCs.
  • Gribs Module: Add new NOAA GFS/Waves request scheme in Saildocs download. Fix a crash in Xygrib download.
  • General Module: Add a lock button in POIs.
  • Shapefiles Module: Some improvements and fixes in Shapefiles.

Version 5.10-6:

  • Charts Module: Automatic positioning of area labels. Highlighted texts. Better overzoom management. Remove sectored lights description. New quilting algorithm especially for Rasters. Raster borders are now systematically shown in single chart mode. New entries in View menu to be able to switch quicky between Vector charts display categories. Add CTRL+ALT+V shortcut to acces directly vector charts parameters. Fix S57 update date and add some more information. Improvements in Dark and Dusk vector modes.
  • Harmonics Module: Improved rendering speed for tides tubes.
  • General Module: Display selection distances and angles in status bar. Add a parameter for switch buttons size.
  • AIS Module: Improve alarm on MMSI presence. Save sort column and order in AIS targets list.
  • Grib Module: Currents gribs from TideTech support.

Version 5.10-5:

  • Routing Module: Fix an issue in routing when only Rasters are displayed and coastlines are from vector charts.
  • Charts Module: Add a function to generate a database and search by name on all installed vector charts. Add a column Distance from boat in search results. If a zone is selected when launching the search, only objets in this zone will be retrieved. Force display of raster charts borders in single chart mode.
  • Tracks Module: Add a function for autosaving.
  • Routes Module: Optimization and Simplification processes no longer block NMEA acquisition.
  • General Module: Fix decimal separator input from numeric keypad in non english/US keyboards.
  • Patch p1:
    • Fix reversed isochrons calculation not starting.
    • Fix rendering speed issue on vector charts.
    • Homogenization of the length of WP names when sending NMEA messages.

Version 5.10-4:

  • Charts Module: Add a Search in vector charts function in the View Menu.
  • Pathways Module: Add ETA and XTE calculations based on boat's actual speed for activated pathways.
  • Harmonics Module: Add a date selector. Management of collocated Currents stations.
  • General module: Export of POIs archives, tracks archives and Instruments configuration.

Version 5.10-3:

  • Charts Module: Add possibility to move the magnifier icon in vector pickup information dialog. Add 1:xxxxx indication in scale. Normalized numeric representation for headings and directions. Possibility to display heights in feet.
  • Pathways Module: Add information on various headings and distances while moving POIs.
  • Instruments Module: Add Compass sensor and possibility to send it to NMEA outputs.
  • Various fixes and optimisations.
  • Patch p1:
    • Fix an issue with reckoning line visibility in VLM mode.
    • Fix Race DCC dialog on mobile plateforms.
    • Fix tide stations display issue with negative water level.
    • Show an error message if Internet is not available while querying Xygrib server status.
    • Extend HRRR grib request in saildocs to 48h.
    • Add an option for transparent background in instrument datagrams.
    • Fix a conversion issue in vector charts when Depths and Heights unit is feet.
    • Possibility to use Alt/Shift keys while zooming with the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the zoom quantity.
    • Add an option for showing or not zoom level in scale.
    • Various small other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Patch p2:
    • Fix a memory leak in CM93 mode.
    • Improvement in S57 library.
    • Better management of grib arrow sizes for retina displays.
    • Fix a grib loading issue on Android.
  • Patch p3:
    • Fix a bug in CM93.
    • Better management of Magnetic Deviation.
  • Patch p4:
    • Fix a crash when restarting simulation mode if boat has been moved manually in between.
    • Better memory tuning in vector charts mode.
    • Add an option for CSV export default separator. Fix an issue with meteogram export.
    • Add an option for POIs, Marks and Beacons point size. Marks and Beacons are again moveable.
    • Fix a inversion in WP's name in NMEA RMB message.

Version 5.10-2:

  • Charts Module: Support of NVCharts rasters (Windows only). New Course up mode. Possibility to use vector coastlines and depth areas in all chart modes including rasters and mbtiles modes. Add grouping feature (mbtiles and rasters/vectors). Some fixes in Kaps charts. Improvement in boat autocenter mode. Add an Extended view option.
  • Instruments Module: New Cone or Vector reckoning. Regular recknoning now shows two lines (dashed for COG prediction, solid for CTW). TWA gauge now includes also AWA, TWD, TWS, and AWS. New datagrams available for COG and CTW. New instrument RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • Simulation Module: Add possibility to start simulation at a given date. Add an Engine mode.
  • Alarms Module: New alarm for dangers detection (Cone or Vector reckoning). New alarm when entering a compulsory Radio Call Area or getting close to a Radio Call Point. Add decimals in Pressure alarm threshold.
  • Gribs Module: Add Reflectivity in saildocs requests. New color scale for Reflectivity. Fix grib files not being closed in some cases. Fix kml and kmz weather images projections. Support for kml multi layers.
  • NMEA Module: Possibility to indicate replay speed when using a NMEA file and add optional control sliders. Add messages ZDA (date/time), RPM (Revolutions per minute) and VBW (speed on water). Add replay and record NMEA features for mobile platforms.
  • Tracks Module: Add STW to saved data.
  • Boats and Marks Modules: Add possibility to draw circles around boat or POI. Possibility to use an image when drawing boat in real size.
  • Various other small fixes and improvements.

Version 5.10-1:

  • Instruments Module: Fix an issue with histograms scaling. Fix an issue with Sail Instrument.
  • Charts Module: Add an option for not showing "Overzoom" on mbtiles tiles.
  • Weather Module: Support of UTC dates in meteograms.
  • Tracks Module: Add PPC (Polar Percentage) when exporting tracks.
  • NMEA Module: Add MMB message for pressure.
  • Various other small fixes and improvements.

Version 5.10-0:

  • Instruments Module: Additional customizable instruments panel. Add instruments CNM and DNM. Add information concerning sunrise/sunset and moon phases in main dashboard. Possibility to move and resize LCDs individually. New procedure for moving and resizing instruments. Add a calibration command for Pitch/Heel internal sensor, and a parameter to swap axes if the device is not oriented in the sensor native orientation.
  • NMEA Module: Add an option for synchronizing qtVlm on GPS date (including NMEA replay). Add an option for sending grib wind data at boat position as an NMEA message.
  • Routings Module: Improvement on very short distance routings. Improvement in reversed isochrons.
  • Routes Module: New option allowing to assign or change all POIs navigation mode. Add Delete and Remove route buttons in route comparator. Better tooltip on imported routes.
  • Shapefiles Module: New option allowing to use shapefile's polygons as a barrier. This can be used istead of gshhs for coasts detection.
  • Pathways Module: A POI can now belong several times to the same pathway.
  • AIS module: Add a parameter for AIS target real shape color.
  • Batch module: Add a command for exporting routes logbook.
  • Harmonics module: Better management of the case when several stations are at the same location.
  • Gribs Module: Add new isolines (temperature, pressure, theta-e), improvement in isolines management and display. Improvement in custom gribs download.
  • Weather Module: Add Météo France Synop stations and METARs stations and GOWIND stations.
  • General Module: Add a parameter for depth in feet. Add a Dusk Light mode and improve Night Light mode. Add an option for refreshing display even when qtVlm does not have focus.
  • Android: Add an option for using native dialog for opening and saving files.
  • VLM Mode: Improvement in tracks retrieving.
  • Fixes
    • Fix POIs order in a pathway details when sorted by sequence number.
    • Fix problems in POIs saving when a large amount of POIs exists.
    • Fix harmonics display on Raspberry.
    • Fix a unit conversion error in NOAA weather stations.
    • Fix Android external applications opening (Google Earth, Excel, etc.)

Version 5.9-14:

  • Routings Module: Add an option to animate grib during calculation.
  • Boat Module: Add race data management (DCC files).
  • Gribs Module: pressure data (PRESS, PRMSL or MSLET) can now be selected individualy
  • Charts Module: SORIND and SORDAT data are now displayed in vector chart element informations

Version 5.9-13:

  • Routes Module: Coasts detection and avoidance during simplification and optimization processes.
  • Routes and Routings Modules: Possibility to use coast lines from vector charts (CM93/S57/S63) instead of GSHHS.
  • Routings Module: Add a parameter for isochrone width.
  • Pathways Module: Add Information tab in pathway editor.
  • Alarms Module: Add AWS alarm. Fix TWA and AWA alarm issues.
  • Instruments Module: Add a dark theme. Add possibility to display instruments on the left.

Version 5.9-12:

  • Shapefiles Module: Better management of generic shapefiles, for instance those provided by NOAA.
  • Weather Module: Add support for weather data provided by (Ships Weather Reports). Add automatic download of Weather Stations reports.
  • Alarms Module: New alarm if Internet connection becomes available.
  • Charts Module: Add scale and projection data to SHOM geotif chart information.
  • Marks Module: Mass import of POIs via paste is available again.
  • Tracks Module: Add a Duplicate button. Allow editing of starting and ending date to extract a part of the track.
  • AIS module: Add TCP/TCPA to targets dynamic data.
  • NMEA module: Add possibility to add custom serial ports.
  • Companion: Trial period is now 2h. Add Air and Water temperature.
  • iOS: Add possibility to use a custom skin.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix a crash when an activated route reaches the last POI.
    • Improvement in the management of the period during which a POI cannot be moved (red circle).
    • Fix route's tooltip disapearing too soon if NMEA is activated.
    • The parameter TWS correction in grib configuration is now taken into account without needing to check/uncheck again the whole option.
    • If Internet is not available at qtVlm launch it is no longer necessary to restart qtVlm if the connection is restored.
    • Fix wind arrows in meteograms.

Version 5.9-11:

  • Harmonics Module: New module Harmonics, for tides and currents
  • Routings Module: Better inversed isochrones calculation. Inversed isochrones can now be calculated even if isochrones duration < 24h and >24h are different.
  • NMEA Module: Depth offset is now taken into consideration in DPT message.
  • Instruments Module: add PPC information (% polar) in main board polar tab. Histograms are no longer reset when configuration changed or when a screen rotation occurs.
  • Charts Module: Add an option for soundings size in vector charts..
  • Batch Module: Add a 'take a screenshot' command.
  • Gribs Module: Add dates range selection in meteograms.
  • Patch 1: Add arrows in meteograms to symbolize TWD and CD. Add metadata information in SHOM geotif charts. Fix a regression in Raster rendering speed on some Windows platforms. Some minor fixes.

Version 5.9-10:

  • Gribs Module: Add an option to force TWS/TWD (eventually from instruments) for a period, tending smoothly toward grib data. Add possibility to compare gribs (TWS/TWD) in meteogram. Grib information dialog now show difference with real wind for all grib slots separately, with relevancy information.
  • Routings Module: Add multi-gribs option in multi routings. Allow alternate route calculation even if routing didn't succeed to reach destination. Some improvements in algorithm.
  • NMEA Module: Improvements in case some Wind or Position values are empty.
  • Instruments Module: Add B&G messages output. Improvements in sending RMB message. Sending of WCV and ZTG messages.
  • Charts Module: Add an option to automatically remove SHOM geotif chart borders. Fix an issue with lot of small vectors charts and lights to boats is activated. Fix an issue with huge kaps crossing date line (Pilot Charts kaps for instance). Improvement in VMH charts rendering speed.
  • Race start Module: Add a configurable offset when toping buoy or committee.
  • Tracks Module: Add export to CSV format.
  • General Module: Add an option to specify the decimal separator to be used when exporting to CSV files.

Version 5.9-9:

  • POIs Module: Add GPX export. Add POIs archives management.
  • Instruments Module: Improvements in Sails instrument. Show CTW in COG instrument and COG in CTW instrument. Fix decimals in TWS instrument. Battery management for Calypso anemometers.
  • AIS Module: Add ARPA targets management (radar).
  • Gribs Module: Improvements in grid display mode.

Version 5.9-8:

  • Instruments Module: Add support for Calypso Instruments via Bluetooth LE.
  • Routes Module: Add a button in toolbar to quickly drop an active WP or a Route (exact actions are defined in general settings, 'Routes' tab). Possibility to activate a route even if it does not start from boat. An active WP can now be deactivated from it's contextual menu. New command 'Complexify'.
  • Gribs Module: Add an option to force gribs arrow on grid's points only, which allows to better visualize grib's resolution. Update of saildocs available data and models. When no zone is selected, grib download now uses displayed screen's area. Improvements in grib info dialog.
  • Routings Module: Add possibility to show/hide reversed isochrones. Isochrons colors can now be based on interval from grib's reference date. New info in isopoints tooltip concerning distances.
  • NMEA Module: Messages filtering on NMEA input and output channels.
  • Tracks Module: Tracks already shown are indicated as such in Track Management dialog.
  • Charts Module: Support tranparent sea in CM93s.
  • Companion: Fix a bug concerning sending of charts in bluetooth mode.
  • Patch 1: Fix pressure display when coming from NMEA message. Improvements in grib display when in grid mode.

Version 5.9-7:

  • Polars Module: Add a Polar Editor for Wind polars. Fix a small bug in Waves polar interpolation. Add possibility to display all TWS in polar viewer. Fix waves polar viewer showing data in km/h instead of kts.
  • Instruments Module: Add possibility to use internal sensors for air temperature, pressure, pitch and roll. Possibility to convert this signals into messages on NMEA output. Possibility to convert internal GPS data into messages on NMEA output (Position, COG and SOG).
  • Routes Module: GPX export is now compatible with B&G instruments. Sending active WP on NMEA output now generates also a BWR message.
  • Routes and Routing Modules: Improvement in night polar penalty calculations.
  • Companion: Windows 10 now supports Bluetooth communication with Companion (was already the case on MacOS, Linux, Raspberry and Android).

Version 5.9-6:

  • Routings Module: Improvements in algorithm especially on long routings. Add an option "Maximum Distance to Great Circle", useful for instance to prevent the routing from finding passage too far avay in case of unreliable or unstable weather forecast. Add representation of the Great Circle route. Add a parameter to better manage gusts, i.e. if the difference between gusts and average wind is over a threshold, then polar can be reduced (under-canvassed situation)
  • Routes Module: Simplification process deletes less points at the begining of the route.
  • Charts Module: Fix a crash with some very rares kaps. Retina display for vector charts texts.
  • Alarms Module: Alarms sounds can be muted for 10 minutes by pressing the alarms text.
  • Tracks Module: Add an option in Boat's menu to enable or disable Track tooltip display.
  • SHOM opendata: Optional display of names for towers and buoys. New 'Balisage' data available for download.

Version 5.9-5:

  • Charts Module: Improvement in rendering speed for all vector charts. Improvement in Inland Vector charts and in CM93s. Aggregates are now managed in vector maps. Better compliance to S57 IHO norm concerning lights. Improvement in rendering speed for mbtiles on Android and iOS.
  • Marks Module: The menu "Delete marks" is replaced by "Marks management", allowing to delete, edit or center on a mark. A Center button has been added in the POI editor.
  • p1: Turnaround for an issue with some SHOM vector charts where objects ids are not unique. Add a settings for vector symbols size.

Version 5.9-4:

  • Charts Module: Add an option fo choose font for S57/CM93 textes. Many improvements in S57/CM93 modules.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.9-3:

  • Charts Module: Improvements in vector inland charts.
  • Track Module: Various improvements, track length management, and possibility to display track when anchored.
  • General Module: New statusbar, especially on mobile devices.
  • Alarms module: New alarm on GPS fix loss, possibility to set sound volume.
  • SHOM open data module: New parameter for buoys size, and option to hide lights
  • NMEA Module: Parameter 'Auto' for serial connection has been removed.
  • Patch 1: Fix a crash in CM93 with some texts, fix NMEA needed to be restarted after routing or routes operations.

Version 5.9-1:

  • Charts Module: Some fixes in vector charts, improvements in CM93 module. The light house icon has now 3 states. Mbtiles can now have some transparency, and can be displayed above CM93s.
  • Tracks Module: New tracks module, consumming less resources and allowing for a better management of archived tracks.
  • NMEA Module: NMEA can be started automatically at startup. Better timeout management.
  • AIS Module: Ais targets now show distance to target POI, the target POI being the one which draws an orthodromic circle to the boat.
  • Grib Module: Grib->Information now allows to compare in real time grib wind data with wind data coming from instruments.
  • Mobile and Tactile Versions: New menu system.
  • Android: 64 bits builds for corresponding devices.
  • Some other fixes and minor improvements.
  • 5.9.1-p1 Fix a problem when starting NMEA and no trace has been saved.

Version 5.9-0:

  • Charts Module: CM93 activation. Add a function for showing lights visible from boat (vector charts only). Extended lights function now shows nominal ranges. Fix an issue with Raster having a datum different than WGS84. Improvement in rendering speed for Raster and Vector charts.
  • Routes Module: Improvement in GPS import.
  • AIS Module: CPU consumption optimization.
  • Grib Module: It is now possible to download Great Circle gribs without any internet connection via Iridium GO!.
  • Alarmes Module: It is now possible to use a forbidden angle >= 180° in Anchor Alarm. Fix Depth Alarm not ringing.

Version 5.8-11:

  • Routing Module: Improvements in precision especially (but not only) when penalties for tacks/gybes are activated. Possibility to choose if a pathway point should be passed at closest or not.
  • Charts Module: Inprovement in rendering speed for Rasters and Vectors charts. Fix an issue when a raster chart is not WGS84 based. Possibility to show or hide lights in vector charts via display menu or ctrl-alt-L.
  • POIs Module: You can now attach an image to a POI.
  • Shapefile Module: Improve rendering speed at high zoom levels.
  • Batch Mode: You can now ask qtVlm to perform various tasks, either from the command line or from a xml file.
  • Various other small optimizations, improvements and fixes

Version 5.8-9:

  • Boat parameters: Add possibility to configure sails selection according to TWS and TWA.
  • Instrument Module: Add an instrument to show current best sails selection. Improve GPX and KML import.
  • Routes Module: Add sails best selection choice in various places (tooltip, roadbook).
  • Shapefiles Module: Add SHOM opendata buoys. Update wrecks database.
  • AIS Module: Fix an issue with VDO message.
  • Route Module: Fix an issue in VMG navigation mode.
  • 5.8.9-p1: Fix an issue on Mac and iOS with retina screens.

Version 5.8-8:

  • Instruments Module: Fix an issue with data smoothing.
  • NMEA Module: Add auto settings option for Digital Yacht instruments in NMEA parameters.
  • Routes Module: Show wind bullet icon on POIs even is POI label is hidden.
  • Some small other improvements and fixes.

Version 5.8-7:

  • Barriers Module: Add closed areas where speed is reduced by a percentage (useful for Sargasso Sea for instance).
  • AIS Module: Add internet targets server AisHub (all world). Add VDO messages management.
  • Grib Module: Add 3h option for RTOFS gribs in saildocs options.
  • General Module: Add option for distance and speed unit.
  • Instruments Module: Possibility to change instruments digital display size.
  • Anchor Module: Due to a policy change from Google it is not possible anymore to send SMS alarms anymore on Android. Email alerts are still available.
  • Alarms Module: New version for Alarms Module, including a choice of sound by alarms, new alarms, etc.

Version 5.8-6:

  • Instruments Module: Improvement in TWD calculation when heading data is provided by compass and not by GPS. Fix an issue with TWD histogram. Improvements in smoothing data.
  • Instruments Module: New instruments: Heel/Pitch, Air Temperature, Sea Temperature.
  • Alarms Module: New alarm on Heel Angle.
  • Routes Module: Add histograms for all data. Fix a random issue with AWA/AWS in logbook when NMEA is activated. Add informations about polar coefficients in logbook (STW field tooltip)
  • Gribs Module: Allow to open grib from command line. Meteograms. Improvement in NCF historical gribs management.
  • General Options: Add possibility to choose which icons are displayed in the toolbar. Add a new dialog to show and analyse Waves polar.
  • Weather Routings Module: Add possibility to keep routing's starting date. Lot of improvements in Waves polar management and calculations.
  • Simulation Mode: Waves and Night parameters are now taken into consideration when calculating boat's speed.
  • SHOM open data: Add a search function for wrecks.

Version 5.8-4:

  • Charts Module: New charts type S63. qtVlm is now IHO certified.
  • Instruments Module: New instrument XTE (Cross Track Error).
  • Alarms Module: New alarm on XTE and alarm on distance to coasts.
  • Gribs Module: Some new models available in Xygrib/OpenSkiron download.
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 5.8-3:

  • AIS Module: New option allowing to get AIS targets through internet. See documentation.
  • Pathway Module: Option for reverting a pathway. Add possibility to hide intermediate POIs.
  • Route Module: Add more data concerning waves in route's logbook. Improve Reflectivity management.
  • Anchor Module: add possibility to define a forbidden sector.
  • Race Module: Add Time to Burn information in race starting line mode.
  • Instruments Module: Fix a bug when smoothing values is activated for heading or wind's angles.
  • Weather Routing Module: Fix a bug concerning Waves polars.

Version 5.8-2:

  • qtVlm Companion support, an application for Android Wear (and also Android phones and tablets) which will be available very soon.
  • SHOM Open Data support. This includes data like wrecks, obstructions, nature of seafloor, etc. In French only.
  • SKIRON gribs (ICONS, WRF, ARPEGE, WAVES, etc) can now be downloaded directly from qtVlm, by selectionning a zone and choosing various parameters.
  • Add an option for sending mail through qtVlm server, to avoid using an external mail.
  • Gribs Module: Add a timeline slider to move grib's date more easily. Possibility to display wind arrows for several altitudes. Add new data Reflectivity. Fix a problem when merging grib whose names have accents. Fix a bug in SKIRON WRF gribs. Add a parameter for choosing time step when getting GFS gribs via saildocs.
  • Anchor module: Possibility to send an SMS (Android only) or an email in case of alarm. Add an option to lock anchor on screen, to avoid moving it by mistake. Anchor position is now restored when restarting qtVlm.
  • AIS Module: Add possibility to define a list of MMSI that will generate an alarm as soon as they appear. In that case it is also possible to drop MOB automatically.
  • Instruments Module: Fix an error in TWD calculation if boat is not moving and only relative wind data is received. Improvement in data histograms. Fix an error with AWA/TWA when data smoothing is on and we receive alternatively relative and true data.
  • Weather Routings and Routes modules: Add maximum reflectivity in parameters.
  • POIs: Add possibility to input a comment for each POI.
  • Barriers and Pathways: Add import/export mechanism.
  • Mbtiles Module: Fix a regression with zoom level locking.

Version 5.8-1:

  • Instruments Module: Possibility to send data to Smart Watches or devices accepting KND message format.
  • Weather Routings et Routes modules: New option for tuning polar efficiency during night periods.
  • Weather Routings et Routes modules: Submarine Courants data until -3m are now taken into account.
  • Routes module: In custom field formula add the possibility to generate a value based on a polar.
  • Module Cartes: Improvement in speed when selecting Rasters and S57s.
  • Instruments Module: Some changes in GPS Fix management.
  • NMEA Module: Add an Auto parameter in serial ports configuration.

Version 5.8-0:

  • Charts Module: Add support for charts from VISIT MY HARBOUR.
  • Charts Module: You can now lock mbtiles level by reclicking on the mbtiles toolbar's button.
  • AIS Module: Add Fleet management. Own boat's MMSI can be indicated to avoid receiving messages from own boat.
  • Charts Module: Add an option to control mbtiles overzoom function.
  • Routes Module: New accumulation option for scriptable custom fields (last value).
  • Pathways Module: Add tooltips infos on patways legs.
  • NMEA Module: Improvements in TCP communication, in particular in the case of iMux installation.
  • Laylines: If NMEA is not started, grib laylines are using grib display date instead of current date/time.

Version 5.7-4:

  • Route Module: Add 3 route custom fields, based on user-defined Javascript code.
  • AIS Module: Stopping sound alarm for one target can now be temporary.
  • NMEA Module: Fix Miniplex 3 NMEA sentences.
  • GRIB Module: If 2 gribs have the same resolution, the data in the smaller grib slot number is used.
  • iOS: Fix an issue when importing mbtiles.

Version 5.7-3:

  • Grib Module: add support for images in KML or KMZ format.
  • Mbtiles Module: Add possibility to overzoom by 2 levels.
  • Chart Modules: Add multiple folders support for all formats.
  • iOS: Change folder structures, grib folder, charts folders, etc are now accessible directly via iTunes.
  • iOS: Activation of geoData positions import.

Version 5.7-2:

  • Weather Routings and Routes modules: Add Crossed Sea parameters. Add possibility to use a Waves Polar which describes boat performances relative to waves height and direction.
  • Pathways Module: Add the possibility to activate a pathway directly, without creating a route.
  • Grib Module: Add an option to retrieve SKIRON gribs via saildocs or Iridium GO!. Add data sea temperature.
  • Instruments Module: Add information related to next mark (heading, TWA, etc.) in main dashboard.
  • Alarms Module: Add an alarm based on distance to active WP.
  • Add the possibility to hide the microboard.
  • Add an option to display a boat icon on the map instead of just a point.
  • Add a Night display mode for instruments and maps.
  • Add a button Man Over Board in toolbar.
  • Add TWA data on function draw a heading.
  • Add a button for showing/hiding grib in toolbar.
  • Add possibility to choose and download a polar from our server.
  • Fix various bugs, and various improvements, concerning multirouting, NMEA data VTG, etc.

Version 5.7-1:

  • Instruments Module: add histograms for most NMEA data.
  • Instruments Module: New instrument: Atmospheric Pressure, which can be fed through NMEA messages, or through internal sensor if present.
  • Alarms Module: New alarms: Atmospheric Pressure and AWA.
  • Start Line Module: Add possibility to top committee and buoy, and show line best side.
  • Simulation Mode: VHF improvements.
  • Grib: Fix a regression on V2 gribs for pacific.
  • Fix a bug concerning Geodata boats position import.

Version 5.7-0:

  • New platform: Raspberry PI2 and PI3
  • New icon
  • Instruments Module: New option to smooth data for boat and wind speed and direction.
  • Alarms Module: New alarm on polar efficiency percentage.

Version 5.6-1:

  • New Start Line mode, allowing to measure distances and times to start line, to display a safety zone, and to manage a chronometer.
  • Boat Module: Add possibility to force polar best wind angles.
  • Boat Module: Add possibility to tune polar efficiency differently for upwind and downwind.
  • Grib Module: Add possibility to color arrows according to grib slot, and to superimpose arrows from different gribs. This is useful for comparing grib models.
  • Simulation Mode: Add an option for randomizing wind data.
  • Add a button for financially contribute to qtVlm.
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Version 5.6-0:

  • Grib Module: Add Great Circle (squid) gribs direct download and email requests. Improvements in saildocs configuration and email generation.
  • Instrument Module: Compas central part can now rotate based on real wind data.
  • NMEA Module: Better management of UDP connections. Add multicasting support.
  • Various small bug fixes, as usual

Version 5.5-8:

  • Grib Module: Add a third slot for gribs, plus a mechanism for activating slots, in order for instance to compare gribs easily.
  • Routes and Pathways Modules: It is now possible to append POIs to routes or pathways directly with mouse or touch.
  • Add an option to keep boat centered on screen.
  • Add a delay parameter for alarms.
  • Various small bug fixes

Version 5.5-7:

  • Iridium GO!: Possibility to request gribs via "Iridium Mail and Web" or "XGate" applications
  • Simulation mode: Minimum distance from coasts for mooring has been increased to 500m
  • Weather routing Module: Allows multirouting starting from boat
  • Various bug fixes

Version 5.5-6:

  • Grib Module: OCENS gribs support
  • Route Module: better import of klm files
  • Anchor Module: bugs fixes
  • Simulation Module: fix a bug if no grib is loaded when starting
  • mbtiles Module: fix a bug when configuration settings are changed

Version 5.5-5:

  • S57 Module: Add a new details level. Optimisation.
  • Instruments Module: Add possibility to send performance data on Raymarine instruments
  • NMEA Module: Add possibility to have several output channels simultaneously
  • Grib Module: Add grib size estimation for saildocs gribs. Add new data for saildocs GFS (rain, cape). add HRRR gribs for saildocs.
  • Mbtiles Module: Optimisation.
  • Opponent boats position import (dcc format)
  • Better zoom/pan system, especially with S57 charts

Version 5.5-4:

  • Some minor bugs fixes and many optimizations

Version 5.5-3:

  • Add conditional alarms on COG, SOG, TWA, Depth and Currents.
  • Routes Module: Add wind information compensated by the difference between wind from grib and actual wind on water.
  • Routes Module: Add wind arrow icons on each POI (optionnally).
  • Routes Module: Add options for modifying wind TWS or polar efficiency.
  • Weather Routings Module: Add multi-routing options for varying wind TWS or polar efficiency.
  • NMEA Module: Add a second UDP port for output
  • NMEA Module: Add possibility to send NMEA data generated by internal GPS. Useful for instance to share a smartphone GPS on PC.
  • Some fixes and optimizations in S57 management, plus some other fixes as usual

Version 5.5-2:

  • Optimizations concerning S57 maps
  • Some changes concerning NMEA UDP connections
  • Some bug fixes and various small improvements.

Version 5.5-1:

  • Various bug fixes and optimizations concerning mainly S57 module

Version 5.5-0:

  • new Vector Charts module, accepting maps in S57 format

Version 5.4-12:

  • Raster Module Improvement in GEOTIF rendering, and in quilting map selection.
  • Android et iOS Anchor Watch is now included in the free version. Single Raster map is now available only in complete version.
  • Some bug fixes and various small improvements.

Version 5.4-10:

  • Patch2: Fix an issue with parameters saving in VLM mode.
  • Patch1: Fix an issue with coasts detection on Mac ou iOS devices with retina screens.
  • Weather Routings module: Fix an issue with multi-routing on pathways. Various small improvements.
  • Module NMEA: Add an option to be able to retransmit all data. Add various parameters for serial connection.
  • Modules Mbtiles and Tiles: Improvement in rendering performance.
  • Some other corrections and improvements.

Version 5.4-9:

  • Weather Routings module: Improvements in currents management and in calculation performances.
  • Routes module: Improvements in functions linked to pathways, for instance a POI can now belong to several pathways. Possibility to activate a route, which will automatically change active WP once the current WP is reached.
  • Instruments module: Better readability for CS/CD instrument. Add values for heading and speed target in TSP instrument. Improvements in currents calculation for TSP instrument. Improvements in performance data sending to NKE instruments.
  • Raster module: Improvements in rendering performance for kaps and geotif (SHOM), especially for Android and iOS.
  • Mbtiles module: Improvements in rendering performance.
  • Tiles module: Possibility to display tiles from openSeaMap over kaps and rasters.
  • Simulation Mode: Fix an issue with coasts detection at simulation restart. Many general improvements there too.
  • NMEA Module: Add an option for incoming RMB messages, allowing to receive active WP from other navigation systems.
  • GRIB module: In case NMEA is active or Simulation Mode is activated, grib's date is automatically updated every one minute.
  • New general menu, to better identify Routes, Pathways, Barriers and Marks functions.
  • Some other corrections and improvements.

Version 5.4-8:

  • Weather Routing Module: Multipoints routing on a pathway (route defined as a Pathway). POIs suffixes when converting to route is not anymore limited to one character.
  • AIS Module: Many improvements in perfomance, add messages 19 et some other new stuff.
  • Simulation Mode: Add a fixed TWA mode. Add a virtual VHF to communicate with other participants. Many improvements in coast detection.
  • NMEA Module: Some changes in serial ports management.
  • Anchor Watch module: Many improvements.
  • Instruments module: Improvements in TSP instrument which now takes currents into consideration.
  • Route module: Add some data in tooltip window.
  • Active WP infos can now be send on NMEA output.
  • Performance data can now be send to NKE instruments.
  • Tracks can now be exported in gpx or kml format.
  • Status font size can now be specified.
  • MacOS and iOS: fix a problem with AIS targets display on retina screens
  • Some other corrections and improvements, as usual

Version 5.4-7:

  • Weather Routing Module: Add an option to avoid area with gusts over a limit. Improvements in algorithm.
  • AIS Module: Performance improvement, some other small improvements.
  • Android and iOS: Improvement in POI move management.
  • Simulation Mode: New Simulation Server, allowing more connections.
  • Gribs: Add gusts option in sailDocs download configuration. Add PRMSL data to grib2 management.
  • Instruments Module: New Instrument: PPC (Polar Percentage). Possibility to send this data to NKE instruments.
  • VLM mode: Add some contextual entries for managing opponents settings.
  • Add feature to save grib animation frames, for instance to create gif animations.
  • Show both Ortho and Loxo lines in "Draw a heading" function.
  • Add a contextual menu entry in barrier points to allow manual input of coordinates.
  • Various others small changes and improvements, as usual.

Version 5.4-5/6:

  • Simulation Mode: Better management when restarting simulation. Many other improvements.
  • Weather fax: Fix a problem when several faxes are loaded directly from Internet.
  • VLM Mode: Fix a problem with NSZ when a minimal distance to it has been specified.
  • Android: Change in default folders management for Android 6.
  • Some others changes and improvements, as usual.

Version 5.4-4:

  • Module AIS: Add targets list, possibility to mark a target as fleet member, and to display only targets belonging to fleet. Add an option to be able to display tracking data on targets (heading, speed, etc.).
  • Weather Fax: Possibility to indicate directly an URL instead of an image file name.
  • Routes and Weatnher Routing modules: Tacks and Gybes delays can now be specified individually.
  • Routes module: Route segments using engine are now shown as a dashed line.
  • Barriers: Internal areas for closed barriers are now hatched. Fix a problem in display and cross detection.
  • Simulation mode: Some changes to allow to practice without internet connection.
  • VLM mode: Minimal distance to coasts also applies to NSZs.
  • Grib: New option available, to apply a correction on TWS from grib (%).
  • Display style \fusion\ is now forced.
  • Add a Longitude/Latitude grid (optional in display options, shortcut \G\).
  • Linux: Fix a problem with sound occuring in recent distribs.
  • Add lon/lat info in POI tooltip (useful for Android/iOS when moving a POI).
  • Various other improvements and fixes.

Version 5.4-3:

  • patch1: Linux: Temporarily remove all sounds. We are investigating this issue linked to some recent linux versions
  • VLM Mode: Add Autopilot reckoning (HDG and TWA only), plus the possibility to send 'Grib Reckoning' to VLM autopilot
  • Android and iOS: Fix an issue related to boards
  • Fix an issue on some hardware causing grib merging to fail
  • Add route import in gpx format for files containing track data
  • Various other improvements and fixes

Version 5.4-2:

  • New reckoning modes, based on grib TWA or HDG
  • New option to materialize or not internal GPS accuracy on map
  • Fix various small issues with boards
  • Android: Fix a compatibility problem with Android 4.1.2

Version 5.4-1:

  • New configuration screen for saildocs, allowing requests for many grib models (wind, waves, currents, etc.)
  • Add openTopoMap online maps
  • Fix an issue with satellite fix in some rare cases
  • Fix a problem with wind direction in instruments in Simulation Mode
  • Several various optimizations and improvements
  • macOS: Fix an installation problem on Sierra
  • Android and iOS: in VLM mode, for the permanent race 'Perth - San Diego - Brisbane (playground)', the complete version including all features is activated for free

Version 5.4-0:

  • New Raster module, faster and able to read kaps, geotiff, geojpeg, etc
  • Add CAPE data in route's log and in routes comparator
  • New Statistics tab for route, with a lot of new data
  • Add a parameter to specify a maximum CAPE value in Weather Routing Module
  • Add a possibility to compare actual boat's speed with polar speed in board
  • Add a configurable minimum threshold for rain in routes comparator
  • Columns can now be shown or hidden in routes comparator and route's log
  • Start and arrivals points in routing are now persistent
  • Add an option to extend last grib date for Currents gribs
  • Add the possibility of sending a POI to GPS or other navigation system
  • Various fixes and optimizations

Version 5.3-12:

  • Add a parameter in Weather Routing Module for specifying a minimal distance to coastlines
  • Add a function for managing and previewing mbtiles
  • Speed improvement in mbtiles Module
  • Improvement in barriers management
  • Better management of communication errors in NMEA module
  • Add a parameter for forcing detail level for coastlines (mostly useful in SOL mode)
  • Fix a problem preventing a POI to become the active WP in real mode
  • Fix a problem concerning reception of a WP via NMEA
  • Fix a problem concerning raw NMEA data window
  • iOS: Add import via iTunes for dataColor file, allowing to change colors for grib data
  • iOS: Fix a problem related to long menus
  • iOS: Fix a problem related to some error message dialogs

Version 5.3-11:

  • New coasts detection algorithm
  • Optimization and improvements in Weather Routing module
  • Improvements in routing/route conversion
  • Improvements in Kaps module
  • Add an option for not opening automatically exported files
  • Android: Fix an issue with Lenovo YOGA 2 tablets
  • iOS: Fix an issue with WP button in VLM board

Version 5.3-10:

  • Fix a problem with kap display on retina devices (iOS et MacOs)

Version 5.3-9:

  • New version for kap module, now supporting more projection types
  • Improvements in mbtiles module, now accepting more file formats
  • Improvements in grib rendering speed
  • Improvement in import/export module, concerning polars import
  • Fix map polar orientation when data is received via NMEA
  • iOS: Improve application update procedure
  • iOS: Fix a problem in in-app purchase procedure
  • Various small other improvements and optimizations

Version 5.3-8:

  • New magnifier, allowing for zooming on kaps, tiles, or mbtiles.
  • Support for norwegian gribs available at
  • Better support of parameters 'force winds' and 'force currents'.
  • Improvement of weather routings module, especially in LSK or SOL mode.
  • Improvement in import/export module.
  • MapQuest has stopped free access to its servers, and is therefore removed from online maps options.
    Wikimedia maps have been added instead. Other solutions are being studied.
  • Fix a problem with some polar formats
  • Fix a problem with non standard grib interpolation formulas
  • Various small other fixes and optimizations

Version 5.3-7:

  • Patch1: Improve authorizations management for Android 6.0
  • Patch1: Add support for gribs available at
  • Patch1: Fix a problem with scale display on small devices
  • Adjust grib interpolation for a better match with VLM server
  • Fix a problem with changing polar when polar is shown on map

Version 5.3-6:

  • Improvements in Weather Routings module performances
  • New management of Tacks and Gybes parameters
  • Improve polar management and display
  • Export with automatic loading in external applications
  • Fix a problem with some V2 gribs, for instance Arome HD from Météo France
  • Add gusts U/V data

Version 5.3-5:

  • New management of several gribs opened simultaneously
  • Add laylines on POIs, from NMEA ou grib data, including currents (tides)
  • Add MapQuest and MapQuest Aerial maps
  • Change management of mbtiles and kaps
  • Various improvements in NMEA, Instruments, and AIS
  • Change AIS simulation mode in cooperation with
  • New interpolation mode SOL (sailonline)