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Meltemus Products

qtVlm is free for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Raspberry. There is also a free basic version for Android, iOS and Windows tablet, which can be unlocked to full version through in-app purchase.


S63 User Permit

This permit is needed to buy S63 maps from any S63 official provider.

Note that this permit does not include any charts but only the right and necessary information to buy S63 charts. A User Permit is not needed to use Meltemus charts packs

Meltemus Charts Packs

These packs contain vector charts derived mainly from SHOM and from UKHO.

Main features:

  • Meltemus Charts Packs are useable in qtVlm only.
  • During the lifetime of the license (one year), SHOM and BSH charts are updated weekly and charts from other providers are updated quarterly.
  • 3 installations possible.
  • At the end of the subscription charts packs are still useable but cannot be updated nor installed or reinstalled.

Windows Tablet License

You will need a paid license in order to activate all features on a Windows tablet.

This license is not needed on other computer versions (Windows Desktop, Linux, Mac OS and Raspberry PI)


We use PayPal service to manage the payment, it is not mandatory to have an account on this service, you can pay by regular Credit Card. The first step of your order processing is manual, so expect some delay between your purchase and the order's validation, normally less that a working day.

Since qtVlm version 5.11.4, a Licenses Manager has been added in qtVlm, allowing to automatically activate your purchases on any devices.

A full version of qtVlm is needed in order to use Meltemus Chart Packs.