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Advice on Ticwatch & Companion connection

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1 year 1 month ago #2001 by primozk
kind regards to everyone from a qtVlm Companion newbie :)

My problem is connecting the TicWatch S2 with qtVlm. Seems on the qtVlm side all is fine and the problem on the TicWatch S2. Hope  someone can advise on the watch settings. 

On my first attempt to get Companion running on my watch i installed qtvlm on a Samsung tablet and wanted to do a bluetooth connection. The two devices paired successfully, I  installed the watch  control sw on the Tablet all was fine - devices connected. But could not get a successfull BT Companion connection. Same when I tried connecting with WiFi. 

2nd attempt I have installed qtVlmn a Raspberry (Openplotter) and is running fine.  I connected with the iPhone+Companion via WiFi - all went fine in the 1st attempt.
With the TicWatcn connecting via WiFi again not successfull. Following some thread on the forum i was then looking if Raspberry can ping the watch. The findings - when I was on the Connection screen on the watch selecting my wifi network the ping was successfull. As soon i left the wifi screen on the watch and moving to Companion (or any other screen) the connection was dropped (ping not reaching the watch). 

I assume the watch is somehow preserving the battery and is turning the wifi off/sleep mode (probably same happens with BT). I could not find the setting like "keep connection alive" on the watch. 

Anyone experience similar behavior on the watch (TicWatch S2), any advice where to dig further?
Just a side question - what is your battery life on a Ticwatch running companion

Thanks, Primoz

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1 year 1 month ago #2006 by maitai
Replied by maitai on topic Advice on Ticwatch & Companion connection
I have a tickwatch 2 here and no problems. In BT mode it can be a little tricky but in WIFI mode no special difficulties.
In settings->system I have deactivated battery savings.
If the watch is low on battery, even with this setting deactivated it will shutdown WIFI. It will work if the watch is connected to power.

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