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Version 5.12.0

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9 months 3 weeks ago - 9 months 2 weeks ago #2165 by oxygen77
Version 5.12.0 was created by oxygen77
  • General Module: Ruler tool now allows for several segments, via double tap/click. Add VDR activation/deactivation in toolbar.
  • Laylines Module: Add points on laylines representing best crossing point. Add labels showing time, heading and distance to laylines. Add a configurable laylines history duration. Add a function to reset laylines history.
  • Charts Module: Add a button for resetting all options to default. Fix an issue concerning geotif on old Windows or old Linux versions. Remove WikiMedia online charts provider.
  • Gribs Module: Allow several Squid models selection for download.
  • 3D Module: Support of UKHO bathymetry data
  • Instruments Module: New Tactical Microboard. Add options to show TWD statistical distribution into TWD histogram and into Tactical Microboard. New instruments: rudder angle (RUD), Target Polar Speed (TSP), T_TWA (Target TWA), T_AWA (Target AWA) and T_PSP (Polar Speed for T_TWA). Add next sail information in main dashboard if available. Add a 10 pixels grid when moving or resizing instruments. Add estimated remaining time to active WP in main dashboard. Add a button in main dashboard to switch to next WP for an activated Route or Pathway. Add WMM (World Magnetic Model) data.
  • Tracks Module: Current track can be archived in one click from the main dashboard. Current track archiving is now possible even when NMEA acquisition is not started.
  • POIs, Routes and Pathway Modules: Add an option for hidding these objects from a configurable zoom level.
  • Pathways Module: Add next COG, TWA and Sail in live data. Add a display instrument for live data.
  • Anchor Alarm Module: Add possibility to send every 10mn position/COG/SOG via email. Do not send more than one email per 5 minutes, to handle the case of the boat being very close to the limit.
  • Alarms Module: Add alarm on time to layline.
  • Add British Isles Charts Pack derived from UKHO charts(United Kingdom and Ireland)
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