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Meltemus Vector Charts


Packs - North Europe


Pack 1: French Channel

includes 109 charts

79.00 €


Pack 2: Brittany

includes 112 charts

79.00 €

Pack 3: French Atlantic

includes 119 charts

79.00 €

Pack 4: British Isles

includes 749 charts

89.00 €

Pack 5: Iceland

includes 77 charts

59,00 €

Pack 6: Germany - Netherlands - Belgium

includes 420 charts

99,00 €


 I acknowledge that Meltemus will immediately process my order and as such I renounce to my withdraw right (see article L.221-28 1 of French Consumer Code). Meltemus charts packs are useable only with qtVlm, on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Raspberry). Subscription is for one year, allowing up to 3 installations. Charts derived from SHOM are updated every week, the one derived from UKHO are updated quaterly. At the end of the subscription charts packs are still useable but cannot be updated nor installed or reinstalled. Renewal is made at subscription price. A full version of qtVlm is needed in order to display our chart packs.

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Pack - North Europe


Packs - South Europe



Pack 1: French Mediterranean

includes 105 charts

79.00 €

Pack 2: Spain

includes 325 charts

79,00 €