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Version 5.10.15

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il y a 1 an 10 mois #1361 par oxygen77
Version 5.10.15 a été créé par oxygen77
  • Grib Module: Improvement in particles, and add some parameters (speed, density, etc.). Add particle display for currents. Add possibility to have isobars spacing at 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 hPa. Add pressure in status bar. Add a pressure 3D view.
  • General Module: Add openGL mode parameter in general settings for Android, iOS, Rasbberry and Linux. Fix lon/lat grib labels in extended view and improve readability. Circles around POIs and boat are now drawn using Great Circle distance.
  • Chart Module: Add a 3D view based on Land Elevation data from ENCs and Depth Areas or shapefiles.
  • Races Module: Adapt to new date format for posreport/dcc files. Add some statistics and functionalities.
  • NMEA Module: Fix an issue on serial connection when receiving an empty message.
  • AIS Module: Add Euro Vim in target details if present. Add CTW and target dimensions in AIS targets list.
  • Shapefiles Module: Accept shapefiles with projection different from Mercator.
  • Instruments Module: Add statistics information (minimum/average/maximum for SOG/STW/TWS/TWD) for various periods of time. Add a button in histograms to remove abnormal values.

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