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Version 5.10.16

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il y a 1 an 10 mois #1381 par oxygen77
Version 5.10.16 a été créé par oxygen77
  • Grib Module: Add support for Mercator, Polar Stereographic and Lambert Conformal projections. Changes in rain rendering. Add data for thunderstorm probability and visibility. Add optional color legend.
  • Boat Module: The option allowing to keep the boat at screen center position has been replaced with an option allowing to keep the boat at any screen position. This option is accessible via the boat's contextual menu.
  • AIS Module: Add an option to limit AIS target track length.
  • Pathways Module: New management directly from pathway editor (insert, remove, POIs order). Possibility to add existing POIs in Append mode. Possibility to convert a route into a pathway.
  • Charts Module: Allow to open a S63 chart as a single chart. Improvements in S52 integration. Add an option to highlight features with additionnal information (texts, images, etc). Add an option to highlight date dependent objects. Improvements in 3D view.

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