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Category: Windows
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Version 5.9-9: (Full documentation in English)

  • POIs Module: Add GPX export. Add POIs archives management.
  • Instruments Module: Improvements in Sails instrument. Show CTW in COG instrument and COG in CTW instrument. Fix decimals in TWS instrument. Battery management for Calypso anemometers.
  • AIS Module: Add ARPA targets management (radar).
  • Gribs Module: Improvements in grid display mode.
Date 2020-05-11
System  Windows
File Size 26.86 MB
Download 1,935
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  • Instruments Module: Add support for Calypso Instruments via Bluetooth LE.
  • Routes Module: Add a button in toolbar to quickly drop an active WP or a Route (exact actions are defined in general settings, 'Routes' tab). Possibility to activate a route even if it does not start from boat. An active WP can now be deactivated from it's contextual menu. New command 'Complexify'.
  • Gribs Module: Add an option to force gribs arrow on grid's points only, which allows to better visualize grib's resolution. Update of saildocs available data and models. When no zone is selected, grib download now uses displayed screen's area. Improvements in grib info dialog.
  • Routings Module: Add possibility to show/hide reversed isochrones. Isochrons colors can now be based on interval from grib's reference date. New info in isopoints tooltip concerning distances.
  • NMEA Module: Messages filtering on NMEA input and output channels.
  • Tracks Module: Tracks already shown are indicated as such in Track Management dialog.
  • Charts Module: Support tranparent sea in CM93s.
  • Companion: Fix a bug concerning sending of charts in bluetooth mode


  • Patch 1: Fix pressure display when coming from NMEA message. Improvements in grib display when in grid mode.
Date 2020-04-21
System  Windows
File Size 26.81 MB
Download 2,329