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Category: Mac OS
(2 votes)
  • Charts Module: Add an option fo choose font for S57/CM93 textes. Many improvements in S57/CM93 modules.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
Date 2019-09-15
System  MacIntosh
File Size 44.02 MB
Download 268
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  • Charts Module: Improvements in vector inland charts.
  • Track Module: Various improvements, track length management, and possibility to display track when anchored.
  • General Module: New statusbar, especially on mobile devices.
  • Alarms module: New alarm on GPS fix loss, possibility to set sound volume.
  • SHOM open data module: New parameter for buoys size, and option to hide lights
  • NMEA Module: Parameter 'Auto' for serial connection has been removed.
  • Patch1: Fix a crash in CM93 with some texts, fix NMEA needed to be restarted after routing or routes operations.
Date 2019-08-25
System  MacIntosh
File Size 43.8 MB
Download 259