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Category: RaspberryPi
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  • Charts Module: New charts type S63. qtVlm is now IHO certified.
  • Instruments Module: New instrument XTE (Cross Track Error).
  • Alarms Module: New alarm on XTE and alarm on distance to coasts.
  • Gribs Module: Some new models available in Xygrib/OpenSkiron download.
  • Some small fixes and improvements.
  • Patche-1: Fix a bug in VMH activation
Date 2018-12-11
System  Linux
File Size 46.73 MB
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  • AIS Module: New option allowing to get AIS targets through internet. See documentation.
  • Pathway Module: Option for reverting a pathway. Add possibility to hide intermediate POIs.
  • Route Module: Add more data concerning waves in route's logbook. Improve Reflectivity management.
  • Anchor Module: add possibility to define a forbidden sector.
  • Race Module: Add Time to Burn information in race starting line mode.
  • Instruments Module: Fix a bug when smoothing values is activated for heading or wind's angles.
  • Weather Routing Module: Fix a bug concerning Waves polars.
  • Patch1: Fix a small issue with day/night zone.
  • Patch2: Fix a problem with new version detection.
Date 2018-11-16
System  Linux
File Size 46.52 MB
Download 86