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Category: RaspberryPi
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  • qtVlm Companion support, an application for Android Wear (and also Android phones and tablets) which will be available very soon.
  • SHOM Open Data support. This includes data like wrecks, obstructions, nature of seafloor, etc. In French only.
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  • SKIRON gribs (ICONS, WRF, ARPEGE, WAVES, etc) can now be downloaded directly from qtVlm, by selectionning a zone and choosing various parameters.
  • Add an option for sending mail through qtVlm server, to avoid using an external mail.
  • Gribs Module: Add a timeline slider to move grib's date more easily. Possibility to display wind arrows for several altitudes. Add new data Reflectivity. Fix a problem when merging grib whose names have accents. Fix a bug in SKIRON WRF gribs. Add a parameter for choosing time step when getting GFS gribs via saildocs.
  • Anchor module: Possibility to send an SMS (Android only) or an email in case of alarm. Add an option to lock anchor on screen, to avoid moving it by mistake. Anchor position is now restored when restarting qtVlm.
  • AIS Module: Add possibility to define a list of MMSI that will generate an alarm as soon as they appear. In that case it is also possible to drop MOB automatically.
  • Instruments Module: Fix an error in TWD calculation if boat is not moving and only relative wind data is received. Improvement in data histograms. Fix an error with AWA/TWA when data smoothing is on and we receive alternatively relative and true data.
  • Weather Routings and Routes modules: Add maximum reflectivity in parameters.
  • POIs: Add possibility to input a comment for each POI.
  • Barriers and Pathways: Add import/export mechanism.
  • Mbtiles Module: Fix a regression with zoom level locking.
Date 2018-09-14
System  Linux
File Size 46.23 MB
Download 65
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  • Module Instruments: Possibilité d'envoyer des données sur une montre connectée ou sur une application mobile acceptant les messages au format KND.
  • Modules Routages et Routes: Ajout d'une option permettant de dégrader la polaire pendant les périodes de nuit.
  • Modules Routages et Routes: Les données Courants sous marins jusqu'à -3m sont pris en compte.
  • Modules Routes: Dans le calcul des données personnalisées ajout de la possibilité de générer une valeur basée sur une polaire.
  • Module Cartes: Amélioration de la vitesse de sélection des cartes Rasters et S57s.
  • Module Instruments: Changement de la gestion du FIX GPS.
  • Module NMEA: Ajout d'un paramètre Auto dans la configuration des ports série.
Date 2018-05-27
System  Linux
File Size 45.18 MB
Download 300